Willer Carnival Ride

    • Setup Area: 30' x 30'
    • Age Group: 42'' min and 200 LBS Max

    • $450.00
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Your guests will keep coming back for more. The Wizzer Carnival Ride Rental holds 4 participants and they use their own power to spin themselves around and around. The faster they pull the lever, the faster they spin in circles. You will hear laughing, shrieks, and screaming as the wizzer creates G force. Your guests on the Wizzer Carnival Ride Rental will stick to there by G-forces this creates.
The best part of the Wizzer Carnival Ride Rental is watching the guests trying to walk after they get off. This carnival ride rental is perfect for the hard to please the teen group. There is always a line for this at every jr. high and high school event.

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